The Chunk o' Funk story 

It began with a lovely tea party full of crumpets, corsets and polite company on the banks of Henley on Thames. 


It began in a back alley in Detroit, and in a laboratory in Harvard, in a bordello on the Mississippi Delta and in all the places where funk, that stinky, greasy gumbo of groove first brought together the 14 souls who would make Chunk o' Funk their life's work. They went from anonymity to infamy in the course of one short decade and along the way they re-wrote the way we dance, the way we make love and the way we were. smokus reefus SUMMED IT UP PERFECTLY ON the DICK CAVETT SHOW, 'MY FINGER IS THE AVALON OF GORN', HE TOLD A CONFUSED CAVETT, AND WHO COULD ARGUE with that? Chunk o' funk had confused the hell out of everyone, including themselves, but no one could say they weren't as funky as a stinky old boot.